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2012 Orange Muscat
Our Price: $15.00

This lovely wine opens with orange and floral notes on the nose and palate, adding flavors of apricots, tangerines and lychee. Not too sweet at just 6% residual sugar, this wine will pair with summer’s bounty of fruit desserts and stand up to autumn’s richer, darker confections as well. We love a small glass of this in the evening, on its own. Lonesome Springs Ranch vineyards, Yakima AVA.
2014 Rhapsody
Our Price: $18.00

Summer in a bottle describes this blend of raspberry and white wines! Our tasting panel found tangerines, raspberries and grapefruit on the palate, and honeycomb, lemon peel–and of course, raspberries–on the nose. The winemaker left just enough sugar—about 2.0%–to balance the acidity of the raspberries. Try this one with summer cane fruits, or my favorite, a little chocolate. Or perhaps some wedding cake? Grapes from Yakima Valley AVA, raspberries from Spooners!
2012 Heart of Darkness (Port) (375 ml)
Our Price: $26.00

This port-style wine made from Petit Verdot contains plum, cassis and a bit of black pepper with light notes of blackberry and anise on the finish. Picture yourself sitting by a cozy fire, perhaps with a good book and a drowsy cat or dog by your side, sipping a small glass of Heart of Darkness. Try this with a little blue cheese and/or dark, slightly bitter chocolate. It’s a perfect evening!

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