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Orange Muscat

Our Price: $15.00

This lovely wine opens with orange and floral notes on the nose and palate, adding flavors of apricots, tangerines and lychee. Not too sweet at just 6% residual sugar, this wine will pair with summer’s bounty of fruit desserts and stand up to autumn’s richer, darker confections as well. We love a small glass of this in the evening, on its own. Lonesome Springs Ranch vineyards, Yakima AVA.
2012 Heart of Darkness (Port) (375 ml)
Our Price: $26.00

Double Gold Medal Wine Press NW Platinum Judging 2017

Gold Medal (& Best Dessert Wine) Capital Food & Wine Festival – Olympia, WA 2017

This port-style wine made from Petit Verdot contains plum, cassis and a bit of black pepper with light notes of blackberry and anise on the finish. Picture yourself sitting by a cozy fire, perhaps with a good book and a drowsy cat or dog by your side, sipping a small glass of Heart of Darkness. Try this with a little blue cheese and/or dark, slightly bitter chocolate. It’s a perfect evening!

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